Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lang Lang- a classical badass in the 21st century

Lang Lang's autobiography, "Journey of a Thousand Miles: My Story", reads like a movie script- a well written, heart wrenching, and rewarding movie script.  Lang Lang, our favorite pianist here at CLASSICAL FEVER, is one of the soldiers leading the battle for classical music in our current age.  If you read "Journey of a Thousand Miles", you'll understand what I mean.  Lang Lang's playing, although too often-criticized (by certain rubber-soled highbrow intellectuals) for being 'over emotional', is electrifying to hear and to watch.  Perhaps, you highbrow intellectuals, this man plays with heaps of emotion as a means of compensating for the general public's lack of interest in classical music- an effort which we at CLASSICAL FEVER deem as extremely noble and warranting of well-                                                                                  polished, well-wished-for awards.

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